Paula's Preschool and Kindergarten


My menus are built around a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables served with whole grains and lean protein.  I enjoy cooking healthy meals from scratch for the children, so I very rarely serve the convenience foods that are typical in many schools.  Even children who arrive at my school believing they don't like vegetables soon find out that they taste great, and begin asking their parents for them at home!  Parents often call me and ask, "How do you cook ____?  My son says he likes it at your house!" 

 Here's a look at what meals we have planned this week.  I adhere pretty closely to this posted menu, but may occasionally make minor changes.  Cold drinking water is always available to the children.

Monday,  October 6  breakfast:    milk, clementine, cereal

                                           lunch:     milk,turkey ham, carrots, stir fry veggies, rice

                                          snack:     banana, animal crackers

Tuesday, Oct. 7        breakfast:      milk, banana, cereal

                                          lunch:        milk, pbj, carrots, apples

                                         snack:       clementines, crackers

Wed. October 8        breakfast:       milk, banana, cereal

                                           lunch:      milk, grilled cheese, carrots, corn

                                          snack:      apples, oatmeal

Thursday, Oct. 9       breakfast:      milk, craisins, cereal

                                           lunch:      milk, hotdog, corn, broccoli, pasta

                                          snack:      birthday cake, milk

Friday, Oct. 10             breakfast:      milk, clementines, cold cereal

                                           lunch:      milk, baked beans, corn, peas, quinoa

                                          snack:      fresh kid-made bread, fruit salad


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